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Cik Midah Sambal
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cik midah sambal

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Cik midah fish grill paste / seafood bbq paste

Grilled Fish with banana leaf or wrap with aluminium foil. Moist, aromatic, spicy, and full of flavor. The best grilled fish recipe!

the ready to cook fish grill paste  made out of a mixture of , fresh chili paste ,Birds Eye Chilli, shallots, fresh lemon grass, kafir lime leaf, spices, soy sauce, shrimp paste, rock salt , palm sugar , lime juice and palm oil

our prouduct are no msg and no preservatif  added , all fresh ingredients

how to cook ?

  1. take this paste and mix with fish or any seafood , like squid, crab or prawn ,
  2.  wrap it with banana leaf or aluminium , done ,

if you missed malaysia grilled fish, you do it at your home as easy 1 ,2 , 3 voila

Has a shelf life of 12 month.

Best stored in the pantry, 1 sachet for 1 big fish , 0r 2 small fish 

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